Are you considering building an ADU or DADU but wondering where to start? You have come to the right place as Sockeye Homes is a certified expert in ADU’s and DADU’s.
Sockeye Homes has won awards at both the state and local levels for their ADU/DADU projects. Because of Sockeye’s expertise, we are currently helping the State pass the bill to promote the building of more ADU/DADU’s (Sockeye Homes owner Tod Sakai is an executive member of the State’s Legislative Policy Council).

ADU - Accessory Dwelling Unit and DADU (Detached)


ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit which is attached to the main house whereas DADU is a “Detached” unit so it stands alone as a separate house on the same tax parcel.


With vacant land and housing inventory in short supply, it is near impossible to find affordable housing. A major solution the cities and state are looking at to address this is to ease restrictions around the construction of ADU’s/DADU’s on existing tax parcels. This creates two residences so-to-speak on the same lot.


Sockeye Homes is a one-stop shop. We will perform the feasibility, provide the architectural, interior design & engineering, and submit/obtain the permit in addition to, of course, completing the actual ADU/DADU construction for your use or to rent out as an income property.

Examples of ADU and DADU Construction

Under $300K

Under $300K (ADU’s, these are not Detached or DADU’s)

 Between $300K-$400K

Between $300K-$400K (Mostly ADU’s but maybe possible for smaller DADU’s)

Over $400K

Over $400K (DADU’s)